Month: October 2010

Some Handy OpenSSL Commands

Before I forget. Here’s some handy OpenSSL commands. More here –

To check a trust chain of a local certificate (say for use with Apache HTTPD)

openssl verify -CAfile MYCHAINFILE.pem -verbose MYCERT.crt

To test an SSL Connection

openssl s_client -connect

My Bandwidth

So I’ve been sampling my incoming and outgoing bandwidth at home ever since I switched over to AT&T U-Verse, but haven’t really done much with it. Out of curiosity I decided to crunch some numbers the other day to see what my typical bandwidth usage has been. Before U-Verse I had AT&T DSL service up to 3.0 Mbps but really maxed out at only 1.5 Mbps. With U-Verse, I have a 12 Mbps plan. Clearly I don’t always use all that bandwidth but its nice to have when I need it. So how much have I needed it?

Here’s a chart of my bandwidth usage in September. What I did was put the samples in bandwidth ranges and calculated percentages in each range.

I guess its pretty reasonable that 55 percent of the time, a little more that 12 hours a day – including weekends, there is really nothing going on, network-wise. So lets just drop off that bit and readjust percentages for the other ranges.

These numbers are looking a little more reasonable, I guess. A large part of the work and other online time, there is mainly IM and email (IMAP+SMTP) traffic. That likely accounts for the 10-25 Kbps range. Lay down occasional bursty web traffic and SSH into the next few ranges, say 25-250 Kbps. More seldom there’s RDP starting to push above 250 Kbps and then into the heavy file transfers pushing 1 Mbps and higher.

One thing is certain, I’ve got a whole lot of bandwidth I need to figure out something to do with.