Month: December 2011

These are a few of my favorite apps…

I’m sure everyone’s got ’em. When you get past the facebook an twitter clients, what are the iOS apps you really find useful? Here’s a bunch of mine. What’s yours?

Air Video – This is a really cool app and accompanying server to let you play your own videos, anywhere. No iCloud necessary! Dup your DVD collection and watch it where ever an whenever you want. I’ve got about 2Mbit outbound bandwidth which is more than enough for nice looking video on any iOS device.

Xfinity TV – for as much as we all hate Comcast, this app fills some glaring voids in their on-screen UI. Search listings easier. Better organization to on-demand offerings and even control your TV from the app.

IM+ Pro, Touch Term, Pocket Cloud – this trio of apps is a pretty good set to have for any system administrator, giving you instant messaging, SSH, VNC and RDP clients.

Wikinvest, Mint – both great tools to manage your investments and personal finances. Tie in pretty well with their respective sites.

Mobile Mouse – another client/server pair. Gives you a virtual keyboard & mouse so you can control your Windows an Mac OS systems.

Reeder – nicely packaged Google Reader enabled feed reader. This replaces Mobile RSS which, up until iOS 5 was my reader of choice.

Push Mail – great app/service to allow you to send Notifications to your phone via email. You can configure different profiles for different messages to display different email fields in the Notifications.

IProxy – happen to still have an unlimited data plan and a developer device? Use iProxy instead of enabling full fledged tethering.

Flipbook – yeah the UI I’d kind of gimmicky and hard-cores will probably get their news elsewhere but it’s a nice read for standing in the grocery line.